Debug challenge 1#


The simple code listing below contains a number of bugs.
Can you fix the code and help it to run?


  • Use a Python IDE such asspyder or Visual Studio Code it will help you debug.

  • Read the Python interpreter output.

  • The errors reported can look confusing at first, but read them carefully and they will point you to the lines of code with problems.

  • The Spyder IDE may give you some hints about formatting errors

  • It can be useful to use print() to display intermediate calculations and variable values.

  • Remember that Spyder has a variable viewer where you can look at the value of all variables created.

  • There might be multiple bugs! When you fix one and try to run the code you might find another!

Have a go yourself and then watch our approach:

def split_word_in_two(to_split):
Returns string split into two parts

If the word's length is even the two parts have
equal number of characters

to_split: str 
    the string to split int o
length = len(to_spit)
half_length = length / 2

part1 = to_split[:half]
part2 = to_split[half:]

return part1, part2

def main():
Tests the split_word_in_two function.
Input word = 'faster'
Expected output = ('fas', 'ter')
word_to_split = 'faster'
result = split_word_in_two(word_to_split)
print('Part 1 = {0}; Part 2 = {1}'.format(result[0], result[1]))

if __name__ == "__main__":