Conda virtual environment#

The code examples in this module have been created in using the conda virtual environment hds_code

To create the conda environment, enter the following commands into the terminal:

git clone
cd coding-for-ml
conda update conda
conda env create -f binder/environment.yml
conda activate hds_code

The dependencies hds_code will install via conda are:

name: hds_code
  - conda-forge
  - jupyterlab=3.4.6
  - matplotlib=3.5.3
  - nodejs=18.8.0
  - numpy=1.23.2
  - pandas=1.4.4
  - pip=22.2.2
  - python=3.8.12
  - scipy==1.9.1
  - statsmodels=0.13.2
  - pip:   
    - rich==12.5.1
    - scikit-learn==1.1.2
    - py7zr==0.20.0